5 Best Plugins For Charts & Graphs In WordPress

Representation  of any research data and case study easily understand by chart and statistics, this solid data of research adds integrity to our blog post. In WordPress, there are also some plugins by which we can make  line-chart, bar-chart, pie-chart etc  and represent our static data artistically and make our blog  very attractive. Here’s a … Read more

10+ Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress compared in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Looking for live chat plugins for WordPress in 2021? To run a successful online business, it’s required to establish an easy and simple way to communicate with your customers and users. No one wants to wait, and everyone loves a quick response. Your instant support makes your client happy, and their satisfaction becomes the key … Read more

5 Best Online Booking & Appointment Plugins For WordPress

online booking plugins

Nowadays everything happens online, everyone loves to check every possibility online whether it’s purchasing a product online or use your service or getting an appointment with doctor or agent etc. Because it is very easy and hassle free process. Every business depends on its clients, you know very well how much important your customers are. Your business … Read more

6 Best Free WordPress Security Plugins – Most Popular

Security is always a prime concern for anyone in every field. In WordPress powered websites security is always on top for consideration. WordPress sites are easy target for attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and outdated plugin files are traceable and it’s an open invitation to hackers. So the question is how can we … Read more