How to Create Featured Posts Section in WordPress

Featured post in WordPress

WordPress is well known for its great powerful customization feature. Whenever you feel something is required, you can easily achieve that in many ways such as: WordPress plugins Adding functions Editing previously created functions. Here we are going to learn how to add a featured posts section or featured content in your WordPress. Featured contents are used to highlight … Read more

How To find Widget shortcode to use it Outside The Sidebar in WordPress theme

We all know about the widgets in WordPress. Generally we use widgets always in sidebar or any other widgetized area. Sometimes the question arises, is that the only way to use a widget, is that possible to use those widgets outside the sidebar? YES, with Widget Shortcode plugin it is possible to using widget outside the … Read more

How To Add Watermark To Images In WordPress

A lot of photographers and artists uses WordPress to show their artwork and portfolio. These sites usually contain original images. Sometimes other people may steal those images and use them without permission. To solve this problem, some site owners add their own brand name or signature or watermark to their images. In this article, we … Read more