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We all know, choosing a hosting provider isn’t a thing to mess at. After all, your website’s performance and your online presence depend 70% solely on your web host.



Novice and intermediate users, who want an easy-to-use or cost-convenient service to run their website, can definitely begin using Hostinger right away. But, a few questions must be hitting your mind:

  • Is it the best fit for all?
  • Can this so-called ‘Cheap’ service provider satisfy the quality or custom needs you are looking for?
  • What are the worth-noticing features and capabilities of Hostinger?

In this Hostinger Review, after thoroughly using the web host, we have summed up our (and other users’) experiences so that you can make out something of it. So go through the pros, cons, features, configuration details, user experiences, service capabilities and more about Hostinger and make an informed decision.

A Brief about Hostinger

Hostinger currently has around 29 million customers around the world. Incepted in 2004, the company has gained popularity as the cheapest web hosting service around the world. Starting plans with some pennies, the hosting packages won’t cost you much.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Hostinger Features

As already said, they are the best when it comes to pricing. There are three plans, as per now. These are not-so-costly, as enlisted:

Single Web Hosting Plan:

The Single Web Hosting Plan of Hostinger offers hosting services for one domain and one website. $3.99 won’t hurt you for sure. Alongside you’ll get access to 1 FTP account, one email account, one MySQL database, 10 GB Space and 100 GB bandwidth for smooth operation.

Premium Web Hosting Plan:

With all ‘ones’, replaced by unlimited, Premium hosting is worth $8.84 as of now. A free domain for a year and 3 times WordPress optimized speed comes along this plan. It’s a good plan to opt for, when you want to experiment with a few domains.

Business Web Hosting Plan:

Priced at $11.99 this Hostinger plan is for those users, who want to host multiple business websites. The developers can especially grab this plan to serve their clients’ at lower costs. Better processors, 5 times speedy WP sites, deluxe support, free SSL and daily backups are some amazing benefits which come along this plan.

Hostinger’s Services and Features

After knowing after the Hostinger Hosting packages, you must be thinking about how it ‘performs’. Very obvious – Cost is not everything which matters. So, here’s the criteria-wise performance of Hostinger at a glance:

Software auto-installer

It allows easy installation of WP, scripts, CMSs and other third-party tools. Within 2-3 minutes, you can install desired scripts without any hassles.

Though it is admirable that they are providing the auto-installer for free accounts too, but updated versions aren’t present for free users. Manual efforts will, therefore, be needed.

Website Builder

With multiple themes available to use, the website builder can make your task easier. Also, as WordPress and other CMSs can be directly used, you should not find difficulty in finding the pre-made themes.


cPanel or control Panel of Hostinger is easy-to-use and let the users enjoy multiple features through one dashboard. Smoothing down the things for you, it’s a great tool for handling the website. So, thumbs up here!

Customer Support

Literally, you may go fan of their customer support team. From your silliest query to the relevant question, they resolve everything with patience and that too, fast – every time. (We’ve concluded it after resolution of some tickets and hence, it’s a self-witnessed experience.)


The company guarantees 99.9% uptime and sticks to it.


Speed is fine for the free and single plans. With premium and business plans, the processors and equipped resources are better. So, you can expect 3 to 5 time better speed. Makes complete sense though; that’s much more what we are getting, as compared to other providers.

Backups and Recovery

Bad Luck here. Only the business plans avail the daily backup services. For your rescue, you will have to manually back up the websites if you using any other type of Hostinger’s services. Make sure you remember to do it at regular time gaps. Otherwise, a bad incident may ruin all your precious data, making it never-recoverable.


Free SSL is available for the business users. You can additionally purchase and use SSL from the Hostinger user account itself, if security is your concern. For the free accounts too, they provide quick overview of the login attempts to keep you aware of any malicious login, if happens:

Handling Traffic

You get unmetered bandwidth for all type of Hostinger accounts. So, this hosting makes you capable to serve unlimited traffic. Rejoice.

The Verdict

Without making a final comment, this Hostinger review can’t be completed. So, here’s the exact:

  • If you are a student or newbie to the online world, Hostinger is undoubtedly the best hosting provider for you. Unlimited learning opportunities are coupled with the single plan of Hostinger. So, start using it without any further questioning.
  • If you are restricted by budget and want a cheap and quality-oriented host, the features and qualities are surely going to overwhelm you once you start using it. Hence, worthy.
  • For the enterprises, businesses and site owners, for whom data is a critical resource and performance can’t be compromised at all, there is an option for VPS hosting as well.


If you still have any queries regarding Hostinger’s different plans and features, you can directly ask us in the comment box below. You can also share your previous experiences with the hosting services if you are already a user, just to help the fellow audience.

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