SendPulse Email Marketing plugin for WordPress

SendPulse is an email marketing platform for sending emails. One of the main features is that subscribers can use web push together with emails in one campaign. It allows to increase customers’ engagement, brand awareness, conversions, and ROI.
SendPulse has the integration with WordPress.

SendPulse plugin will significantly improve your business: increase sales and visits, help to establish relationships with the clients, make users use your product. As a result, you’ll get better conversions.

Install SendPulse plugin for WordPress to enjoy the benefits:

  • Create a subscription form on your site

A subscription form is a legal way to make your target audience grow. Create beautiful forms to attract new visitors and place them on your website.

  • Import email addresses to SendPulse

Every user who subscribed will be automatically added to your mailing list in SendPulse and you can start sending an email campaign immediately.

How to use SendPulse Email Marketing plugin?

Step 1. Install SendPulse “Email Marketing Newsletter” Plugin in WordPress.
Go to your account in WordPress or sign up if you don’t have it, on the left menu choose “Plugins”. You will see a search bar, type there “SendPulse Email Marketing Plugin”. Then, install it.



Step 2. Configure the plugin
Go to “Account settings” in member’s area in SendPulse. Choose section “API”, activate REST API, click “Save”. Then, the API ID and Secret will be generated.

Step 3. Set up the plugin
Copy the API ID and Secret and go to your account in WordPress. Choose “SendPulse” to the left and click “Settings”.


API Settings section will open. Paste the API ID and Secret into the correspondent fields. Then, in the field “Address Book for new users”, choose the mailing list from your SendPulse account for the email addresses to be uploaded to it from WordPress. Click “Save Changes”.


How to add a subscription form to the site?
Select “SendPulse Forms” – “Add Form”.


Then, you’ll see a new window. Before filling the fields here, go to your SendPulse account.

Create a subscription form

Choose “Subscription forms”. Click “Create subscription form”.


Select “Form Builder” to create your own form.


Choose the necessary layout, create a subscription form and copy its code at the last stage.
To read a detailed instruction on how to create a subscription form, go to the Knowledge Base in SendPulse.


After that, go back to WordPress – “SendPulse Forms”. Enter the title and paste the code of your subscription form into the “Constructor Form Code” field. Then, the Shortcode will appear. Click “Save”.


Use this Shortcode to add a subscription code to your page.

How to import emails from WordPress to SendPulse?

Choose “Settings” –> “Import” –> “Import to Address Book” and select a mailing list in SendPulse to upload email addresses.


That’s all. Use this plugin for free and enjoy high conversions right now!

If you are using this plugin then please share your experience with us.



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