Kinsta Hosting Review – A High Performance WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting service by Kinsta has acquired so much reputation in a very little time. Experts who guide you on choosing the right hosting solution have themselves migrated to Kinsta, a many of them. I tried to figure out is it just hype or is it reality.
At, we have talked about web hosting options before, but since everything is not for everybody, for some reason you need to know about one another fantastic hosting service – ‘Kinsta’.

Kinsta Hosting Review

Kinsta is known for high-performance WordPress hosting. What you get from them is unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability, with security by Google so that your mind is in peace with everything.


Google’s Hosting for WordPress

Technically, Kinsta is a Google cloud platform based managed hosting service dedicated for WordPress. Which means Kinsta is providing you the technological resources from Google for WordPress. It was the first company to do so by the way.

Google’s involvement into the equation brings the significant difference and makes Kinsta hosting unparalleled to any other services no matter how popular.

Do you know that most of the performance parameters for websites on earth are being set by Google, and 70% of these parameters are related to speed, uptime and accessibility, and these are related to hosting? But do you also know that Google Cloud recommends Kinsta as a WordPress hosting solution.

Surely it may be because Kinsta is selling a Google product. But for God’s sake do not doubt Google over quality control. They can’t put their name on stake just for anything. Google won’t recommend something under its brand name without checking it by all means.

There are enormous benefits of using Google’s hosting resources, for example, Google has the most number of global data centers for quick deliverability of data. This means your website visitors could fetch your website from the nearest data store which you have all the freedom to choose.

But ‘advantages of hosting with Google’ is another story for another day. So we decide to move on.

WordPress Expert Support

Technical help is given by Kinsta’s customer support panel comprised of experienced WordPress specialists. You’ll realize that it is their hard work you pay them for.

Mark Gavalda – the founder and CEO of Kinsta is himself a hardcore WordPress developer. His whole philosophy of web hosting revolved around WordPress and he has hired him like experts from the same community who are said to have over 10 years of experience.

But that’s not important. What is important is that the support is open 24X7 so you can call for help anytime. You can check back in a few minutes to see if your query is resolved. Only in a few case scenarios you may have to wait for 3 to 4 hours.


But what about the price?

If that’s the only thing you were scanning this page for, Kinsta is sorry for that.

The policy of Kinsta is not to lure you with ‘cheapest hosting’ offers then wait for the moment you start receiving a good number of visitors, when you will be made to pay back all the discounts we were given.

Generally, for hosting a single site you are charged $10 /month, whereas Kinsta would charge $30 in exchange of its elite infrastructure, ease, security of Google’s standard, reckless timely prompt support and care.

Kinsta’s way of approaching its customers is different, that allows it to keep its services at the highest standards. More precisely it is what we call ‘cost effective’.

Kinsta is something forever. Avoid if you want to save some bucks, take if you are up to some serious money making.

Free Site Migration

It is a common custom nowadays that hosting solutions take your responsibility of website migration for free. Not everybody is doing it though. Kinsta is one that offers free website migration.

Take it for granted that websites aren’t needed to be put down even for a few seconds. Kinsta experts play the trick and keep your website live during the process of migration.

When we are talking about downtime let me wrap this thing here only. You expect your website to suffer downtime once or twice in a year, as per guaranteed uptime and it does suffer in front of your eyes. But have you ever… ever… found Google down. Oh! I am not getting into that again!

Kinsta is Obsessed

And it is for speed. They will be the fastest. They have everything in existence to achieve the feat. Google provides them its infrastructure and they have deployed the latest web technology. Comprehensive content delivery network, advanced caching technology, use of advanced language versions, and optimized servers leverage their speed obsessed architecture.

Custom Dashboard

Even the cheapest plan gives you access to their custom WordPress dashboard. The dashboard not only makes it easier to manage your site but comes with a wide range of tools to analyze and monitor your website. They can say they have re-imagined site management.


If top notch quality of hosting infrastructure is your first priority, if you are not lured by cheap hosting advertisements, and all you care about is a solid upbringing of your blogging website, WooCommerce site or whatever it be, Kinsta hosting is a great solution available present.

May be it’s time for you to stop facing resource limitations or technical jargons with your website’s hosting and migrate to a better option.

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