5 Benefits Microsoft Dynamics ERP Coder Can Bring to Your Business

Do you think that the financials and the operations of your company are not enough anymore? It may be time to use something that will help improve the operation of your company with the use of Microsoft ERP software.

This software will come with a lot of features. Various applications would need better technology so that they can work properly. Remember that your competitors are probably improving their systems at this point. Through Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, you can come up with new things to help your business stay relevant.

What Exactly is Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions?

You may have heard about Microsoft Dynamics ERP but you do not know how this can help you. ERP is an acronym. This means Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a type of software that can be used to integrate all of the factors that can make or break the company. This will focus on the following:

  • Financials
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Commerce
  • Reporting
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resource Activities

This can be effective in improving business growth. If you are planning to know more about this and to use it, you can look for a Dynamics ERP developer. You can focus on your business while the Dynamics ERP coder can help improve what your business needs.

Skills that Microsoft Dynamics ERP Developers Should Have

Microsoft Dynamics is known to be very complex. This can be complicated for people who may not be too familiar with it. You would need to find a developer that can work the Microsoft ERP Software properly.

The developer that you are going to hire should be very skilled. You need to find someone who has the following hard skills:

  1. Microsoft Cloud Solutions
  2. JavaScript and C#
  3. SQL Database Experience
  4. HTML and ASP.NET knowledge
  5. Testing and troubleshooting experience

You may want to find a freelancer who will have all of these hard skills. The more programming languages that the developer knows, the better. It is also important to find someone who has Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification.

Aside from the hard skills, soft skills will also matter a lot. A good developer should have the right technical knowledge but there are soft skills that are needed so that the implementation process can be great. Some of the soft skills that developers should have are the following:

1. Communication

You want to hire developers who will know how to communicate with the rest of the team. You want someone who will be able to work with other people. You will also have clients that your developer will be closely working with. The developer should be pleasant to work with and should have the ability to explain all of the things that will be done in detail. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics ERP development, the developer can come up with a fascinating solution.

2. Great Attention to Detail

You know that programmers should have great attention to detail. It can be harder to use Microsoft Dynamics because this is a ready-made solution. The programmer that you are going to hire should have the ability to adjust the software depending on what the client needs. You want a programmer who will be able to customize everything properly. The better that the software is customized, the happier the client is going to be.

3. Able to Do Good Writing

Some people might say that writing is a bit cliché but this is still one of the ways that people communicate in the workplace. Developers would need to do a lot of writing so that they can continue communicating with other people. Through good writing, developers will be able to be more precise and clear. Writing skills are needed for the following:

4. Prioritization

It is also important for developers to know what they are going to prioritize. The things that need to be done can be ranked from the most important to the least important for a particular time. The tasks should be organized in the most logical manner depending on what the client needs. Without the skill of prioritization, the developer would need to go back to a task that has already been done. It will take up more time which could have been avoided if the developer knows what should be prioritized first.

5. Flexibility

It can be hard for people to work in teams. Some developers can work on a project alone. With Microsoft Dynamics, there is a need to work with other people. You need to have a coder or a developer who is flexible enough to work with other people. An employee should have the ability to adapt to the working methods and the changes that will be done.

5 Advantages that Microsoft Dynamics ERP Coders Can Provide for Your Business

It is always essential to find Microsoft Dynamics ERP coders who can help you and your business. If you are not convinced yet, you should become familiar with the benefits that you can get.

1. Expertise in the implementation of ERP implementation.

A coder will be able to offer his/her expertise to design an ERP solution for different business models. You are going to work with a specialized consultant who will provide the special type of solution for your business needs. 

The right solution can lessen the chances of wasting time. Add-ons can also be avoided because the best solution will be readily available. The change will be noticeable after a few months which is better compared to getting in-house coders. It may take longer before you start to see some changes.

2. Software demonstration is going to be easier.

You will be working with developers who will know the ins and the outs of the different modules and functions of the software. It will be easier to understand when they explain it to you.

Just imagine if you would try to demonstrate the software on your own. Clients and other people may have a harder time understanding the software because you may not be able to explain it properly. Developers will also be able to explain the pros of the software design to you and how these advantages can adhere to your company’s needs.

3. Detailed implementation of project management.

You know that one way to make sure that a project is done properly is if it would be properly managed. The coders can all work together to come up with a step-by-step process that will be ideal for everyone. The plan can be outlined when you and the rest of your executive team will be meeting up with the coders for a discussion.

The great thing about technology right now is there is no need to be in the same room to have a meeting. A meeting can take place online. Everything can be discussed and coordinated so that everyone knows that they are all aligned.

You want to have developers and coders who are well-prepared for the possible hurdles that will occur while the project is being done. There may be inevitable changes that will happen. The restructuring should be done to improve the implantation of the project further. This is only possible with the right developers that can offer Microsoft Dynamics ERP consulting service.

4. Get an unbiased analysis of your company.

It will be good to have an in-house team of developers who will know your company inside and out. They will know the people who are working in other departments and so much more. This comes with a bit of a disadvantage though. They may become biased towards other people who are also working for you based on what they know of the person. 

Hiring developers through outsourcing can be ideal since they will have a more unbiased view of your company. They will be checking your company based on facts alone. They may come up with a better software solution so that your company’s performance will greatly improve. They are going to focus on the following:

  • The pain points and inefficiencies of your current system
  • Bottlenecks
  • Goals that your company should have

These are things that will also be discussed with you so that you can also work with them.

5. Get total visibility of your business.

You may be focused on different aspects of your business that you will overlook some of them. Now is the time for you to learn more about your business with the help of Microsoft Dynamics ERP coders. They will get the data from the different departments of your business.

Just imagine the possibilities that will occur because of this. You are going to accomplish the following:

  • Check your inventory and orders every day
  • Know what items are currently in transit
  • Reporting and planning can also be done better


Hiring the right developers will come with so many advantages. For example, coming up with solutions to improve your business can be done in a faster amount of time. You want your business to run more efficiently and it is possible with the choices that you will make. Microsoft Dynamics software can help you with that.

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