5 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugins

Coupon plugins are very helpful to turn your WordPress site into a fully featured coupon or deals website. Customers are always looking out for discount coupons or deals while purchasing products to save their money.  

To increase user engagement with your website and earn loyalty and money, this is an effective way.  If you are ready to offer discounts and coupons to your customers, this article will help you create a wonderful coupon website for free.

Here we are listing 5 best free WordPress coupon plugins that help you to set up your website and increase your sales.

5 best free WordPress coupon plugins

1. Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons is the best plugin if you want to create an affiliate website. You can increase your sales by creating attractive coupons and deals for your customers using this plugin. It provides standard, grid, list & Widget layouts to display your coupons and support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Premium version of this also available and provides some advanced features for affiliate marketers.

  • Event Tracking via Google & Piwik
  • Feature & highlight single coupons
  • Feature to create new and customize the existing templates
  • Click to reveal discount codes
  • View, copy & click statistics
  • Light & Dark coupon styles
  • Filtering and sorting options for coupon presentations

2. Coupon Creator

Coupon creator is one of the best free plugins for creating coupons. This plugin allows you to create your own coupons or upload an image of a coupon instead and display it on your site using a shortcode.

This plugin supports the new block editor of WordPress and provides some advanced template and reveal code functionality which gives your website a modern look.

You can create multiple coupons and assign them to categories. It’s also compatible with Woocommerce plugin so you can easily create Woocommerce coupons.


3. Magic WP Coupons – Lite

Magic WP Coupons easily lets you define stores and add coupons. This plugin will generate shortcodes for different stores or retailers. You can generate and use these shortcodes on your pages and posts or wherever you want to show discount coupons.

magic wp

4. JC Coupon

JC Coupon allows you to add coupons to any post or page. You can set expiry date or custom text for expiry. After the expiry date, the coupon disappears automatically. This is must a have affiliate tool where your URLs are masked and a click on your coupon will mean a hit to your affiliate link.

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5. NIC Discount Coupon Management

WPS coupon management gives you full functionality to manage discount coupons. It gives features like setting coupon expiry date, Auto coupon code generation or custom coupon code placement and coupon image selection. This plugin gives you easy discount coupon management with auto scroll coupons loading view at front with shortcode.

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6. WordPress Coupon Widget

WordPress Coupon Widget helps you show coupons to your visitors instantly and not only avail the coupon but also subscribe to your email list. It helps you build your audience by increasing the number of subscribers who can be targeted later with emails for any of your products. This plugin also allows you to lock the coupons until a user share onto one’s social network.


CouponXL – Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme

CouponXL is the most famous and widely used coupons and deals WordPress theme. CouponXL WordPress theme is specialized for selling deals, discounts, and coupons online. Along with deals and discounts features, this theme is perfectly optimized for affiliates websites.

You can make a beautiful and well-organized coupons deals and discounts online store with CounponXL.

best coupon theme

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With the help of these plugins, you can easily create and manage coupons. So next time when you need to develop a deals website doesn’t waste your time writing scripts and codes to manage coupons. Just use these free coupon plugins. Moreover, if you need more features you can go for a premium coupon plugin.

30 thoughts on “5 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugins”

  1. Can I control it manually?
    And can I add special sections coupons with other sections for articles ??

  2. This is a very helpful article. I use couponpopup.com on all my blogs, i highly recommend that one as well, and it’s free!

  3. Great Tips Poonam! I was looking for promo code plugins to my project in events niche – Top Buffets topbuffets.com.br and that helps me a lot! Thank you

  4. Can I use this plug on a directory site and allow my members to create coupons for their products
    as a premium membership feature..

  5. Hi, I’m looking for a theme or plugin that will only give users access to download/print the coupon once they have logged in to their account on my site. I’m really struggling to find anything that does this. Can anyone help?

  6. Really Useful plugin, Thanks for sharing I am using for my free recharge offers myoffertoday.com website

    Hi All please look into this myoffertoday.com

  7. Hello,

    I am thinking of purchasing your coupon plugin and I need it to work with Woocommerce Bookings. I need to know the following :

    When a customer purchase a service, he will pay 10 euros up front and 50 at the completion of the service.
    Customer can get a discount for their current purchasing if the coupons is used by a referree. If the services is completed, they can offer the discount to anybody but the referree.

    A partner can request a promo code. This promo code will be used by a referee and offer specific deals to the affiliate partners. Ideally Negociated deals : Discounts for themselves or percentage of the sales.

  8. Thank you for compiling such a great list of free WordPress coupon plugins. After going through all the plugin I like the Magic WP Coupons – Lite it was an awesome plugin. It was very easy to me to find out all the best coupons plugins at one place.

  9. JC coupons don’t seem to be working any longer, it seems to be an outdated plugin with the last update around 4 years back.I tried it on my site couponsandoffers.in ,but the coupons just don’t come out right. Also WordPress says it is not compatible with the latest version of Wp:(.

  10. Thank you very much for your list. I was using DRP Coupon plugin and few days ago I am getting some error. This plugin is no more available on wordpress plugin directory. Would you please suggest me any alternative plugin of DRP Coupon? Or please suggest me any plugin that force visitor to click on coupon code to copy that and open site url too.

  11. Can I use this plug on a directory site and allow my users to create promo code for their products? I want my users to create promo codes with expiration date while they are adding products.


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