WP Chatbot – WordPress Chatbot Builder Plugin Review

In every business, there has been a growing demand for greater customer relationship, for saving resources in the business process, and for the better workmanship prior to a better result. On this ever competitive marketplace, every business should look into the brighter side of the world, avoid the risky decisions and grab the opportunity to make things possible and seamlessly not only for the company but of course, for the customers. And there is where WP Chatbot Plugin comes into play. Check out the live demo!

WP Chatbot - WordPress Chatbot Builder

We have reviewed one of the great tool WP Chatbot plugin, that would help you build a good customer relationship. In this Chatbot Builder plugin review, we will show some of the most important and valuable things you need to know about it. We will be uncovering some of the important features and others benefits using the WP Chatbot Builder Plugin.

What is WP Chatbot Plugin?

WP Chatbot Plugin is an incredibly useful tool that ask your users for information such as their e-mail, phone, message or whatever you set it to ask. It will also send every conversations by email. Using it, you can effectively save money, time, effort and other resources that your business often spend. Aside from that benefit, WP Chatbot Plugin can also help build a better relationship towards you and your customers even you are sleeping at night – in an automatic way.

WP Chatbot plugin demo

WP Chatbot Plugin’s Full Features

WP Chatbot Plugin guarantees a full feature that will serve as your all-in-one tool if you are dreaming of something to save time in dealing with the tickets and email, to automate your customer relationship, and to increase the conversions. Here they are:

  • Easy to use as you can learn what your bot has to say.
  • Guaranteed with anautomatic update as the plugin can be updated via WP panel.
  • You are allowed to ask for the user’s data by getting their emails, messages, phone numbers and other related details.
  • WP Chatbot Plugin is compatible with the WPML so you won’t find it hard to translate – it is multi-lingual.
  • You can effectively store all the user’s answers and get a chance to find out how people respond with your bot.
  • You can import or export the Chatbot. Save the Chatbot and then import them wherever they are fitted.
  • You can send the transcript via emails and receive the conversions via emails too.
  • WP Chatbot Plugin is fully responsive as the people can use it anywhere and everywhere.
  • You can monetize your bot and deliver the ads on a chat screen seamlessly and easily.
  • You can easily find the changelog at the bottom part of the page.
  • WP Chatbot Plugin can effectively work in avariety of themes, so you don’t have to worry about using it as it can work regardless of the theme of your website.
  • With this artificial intelligence plugin, you can easily create your CSS theme if you need one – perfectly customizable according to your
  • WP Chatbot Plugin is delivered in two skins – the classical skin and the Facebook Messenger skin.

How it works?

Using the WP Chatbot Plugin, you can have a chance to find out some of the hidden features that can be beneficial both for your business and customers. If you are not into WP Chatbot Plugin yet, then grab your today. Let’s learn how to use it.

  1. After activating the plugin you would be able to see WP Chatbot menu on the left panel of you WP dashboard.
  2. Click on “Create a new bot“, on the next page enter a private title which for your reference only.
  3. Now you would need to add more information of you bot which is visible to public.
    create a new chatbot - WP chatbot plugin
  4. Main information about your bot:
    In this section you would see two tabs:
    a) Personality of your bot
    b) Visual CustomizationPersonality of your bot
    Here you can add your bot’s public name, avatar, biography and instructions.
    Visual Customization
    In this tab you would be able to select a Skin for your bot and windows background color.skin customization WP chatbot plugin
  5. Discussion of your bot:
    This option allow you to add question that your bot would ask when a use visits your site.
  6. Advanced Settings:
    Advanced section give you more control over your chat bot. It consists of three tabs:
    a) Look and feel: It provides you an option to “display a sidebar on the left of the discussion” and “add a tiny label to promote the plugin”
    b) Computing result: You can set your email address in this tab where you would like to send a transcript to your ticket system, or your commercial service, for instance.
    c) Under the hood: This option lets you to set the “default link target in messages” and also enable you to add your own code in the <head> tag.

What Benefits WP Chatbot Plugin Can Give to Your Business?

With all those mentioned features, apparently, you will find out the ultimate benefits of WP Chatbot Plugin for your business.

The first benefit is it is fully WordPress-ready. You just have to plug it in, activate it and you are on the go. No need for special coding or some integration dealing like any other Chatbots have.

Secondly,WP Chatbot Plugin is safe and private. It will give you a full control of your process and secure the private data in your customers.

Thirdly, WP Chatbot Plugin is a user-friendly and easy to use plugin. In just a matter of minutes, you can easily setup your own plugin and it is easy to use.

Fourthly, WP Chatbot Plugin has no ongoing fees, as you only have to pay for a few bucks using the premium plugin.

Lastly, you are guaranteed with “NO RULES” – except using your own!


Therefore, this  artificial intelligence plugin WP Chatbot has a greater impact on your business. With it, saving the company’s resources, automating the customers’ relationship and increasing conversion is really made possible. If you care for your business in this digital age, invest in WP Chatbot Plugin now.

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