How To Add Countdown Timer In WordPress

There are many reasons why people wants to have countdown timer or clock for their site. You may want to use a countdown timer on your landing page to inform users about your website launch while it is under construction, or to show an event countdown timer or product expiry countdown. There are many free WordPress countdown plugins in the repository which perform this task very effectively.

There are many free plugins in WordPress repository which perform this task efficiently. Uji Countdown is one of the most productive plugins. We have chosen Uji Countdown for it amazing features that make it one of the best countdown plugin in WordPress.


Uji Countdown WordPress plugin

Features of Uji Countdown WordPress plugin:

  • Recurring Timer
  • Email Subscription
  • Subscription List CSV export
  • HTML5: No flash, only javascript!
  • Customize of colors for text and background
  • Customize boxes color
  • Enable animation
  • Server Time or User Time option
  • Set the texts for date, time
  • Create unlimited styles
  • Simple using shortcode
  • Multilanguage support for date
  • Add countdown timers from Widgets area
  • Translate Labels in your Language
  • Redirect to URL option after expiry
  • Hide option after expiry

To use it, you just need to install and activate this plugin like any other plugin you do. After successful activation you may need to go Settings>>Countdown section, here you will able to create a new Timer style.

WordPress countdown timer settings

Now your new countdown style is created. Now go to you post/page section and add a new post/page, here you will found a countdown sign near Add media button.

Add a countdown timer in a post

Click on it to add a timer to your post/page. A popup window will appear.

Customize countdown timer settings in WordPress

Here you can set a timer style, countdown end time, hide countdown after expiration or not. After you have done settings, click on ‘insert countdown’ to insert into your post and publish your post.

Landing page with countdown timer

All done. Now you will see your Live Countdown Timer on your landing page in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds style on your Site.

Thank you for reading, if you have any question or any feedback, feel free to comment.

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    You can also check out the video for quick understanding with the plugin..

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