Add a Featured Video To WordPress Post

In WordPress blog we always add an  image as a representative for our post, this image is called “Featured Image”. Now a days most of the theme comes with this featured Image functionality.


But what if you want to add a featured video in your post. Here is a solution. Use ‘Featured Video Plus plugin’ in your blog , It’s a free plugin which you can find in WordPress repository. Download it from here.

Featured Video Plus Setting

After installation and successful  activation of this plugin yo need to go to Settings >> Media,  here you can make changes in video sizes and several other settings for your featured videos.


After saving the changes go to Add new post, here you will find a Featured Video box. Type the URL of any video from YouTube,Vimeo or Dailymotion.


After publishing this post you will see the post with featured video instead of an image.




If you don’t find a video on your post, no need to worry about it! Just add a single line of code in your  theme’s single.php file.

Add this line in the place of featured image. The featured video will be shown instead of featured image.

<?php echo get_the_post_video( $post_id, $size ); ?>

Here you may need to replace ‘$size’ with  keyword (thumbnailmediumlarge or full).

You will now be able to see your featured video in your post. You can also make use of post formats introduced in WordPress 3.1.

There are number of post formats, here is a list:

Standard – The default post format
Aside – A note like post, usually styled without title.
Gallery – A gallery of images.
Link – A link to another site.
Image – An image or photograph
Quote – A quotation.
Status – Twitter like short status update
Video – A post containing video
Audio – An audio file.
Chat – A chat transcript

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