How To Manage Video Gallery In WordPress

WordPress has great feature for  managing photos and images in a gallery manner but here we talk about to managing a video gallery. Luckily there are some excellent plugins for making a video gallery. Tubepress is one of the best plugin for managing a video gallery.

TubePress adds dynamic and interactive video features to websites. It’s highly configurable and useful plugin. TubePress  is a  most popular and best-supported, free WordPress plugin in WordPress repository. This plugin also comes with pro features. For our purposes we’ll only use  the standard edition of the plugin that can be downloaded for free.

Now lets start to make a video gallery.

  1. Install & Activate the plugin like any other plugin in WordPress.
  2. After successful installation  of this plugin you will need to  go to setting >> TubePress.
  3. Here you can configure many TubePress options. We will discuss all options one by one

Which videos

option panel smallenvelop


In this tab you can select video source like vimeo or youtube. In our example we select youtube channel and enter keyword wordpress (you will enter keyword for your own requirment)for youtube video search. Here is many other option for managing video gallery like Most-viewed YouTube videos from today or all time and Videos related to any other YouTube video.




In this section you can configure height and width of thumbnail.




In this tab you can set up the player settings.




Here you can Set the textual formatting of date information for videos and Maximum number of characters to display in video descriptions. Set to 0 for no limit.




In this tab you can set many option like display order for videos, Per-page sort order, Maximum total videos to retrieve and Restrict search results to videos from author.




In cache tab you can configure Cache expiration time and Cache cleaning factor.




In advanced tab you can Enable debugging and select HTTP method GET or POST.

After all setting now create a new page or post and write [tubepress] shortcode in it.

Now you will able to see your beautiful Video Gallery.



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