How to Build an Online Shop With Woocommerce and WordPress

Online shopping allows customers to directly buy goods and services from seller over internet. Now a days internet has become an essential part of everyday life and Shopping online is occupying an essential part of shopping.

If you think to start your own online store, don’t panic we are here to help you out. You know, the most exciting part of WordPress is, it can do almost anything using premium and free plugins.

Create an online shop with woocommerce

So let’s get ready to build a online store with WordPress. Create an online shop with woocommerce start your online business in no time.


At first we let you know about the WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin provided by a well known company WooThemes . WooCommerce helps you to create your online store in a few clicks.

Installing WooCommerce

Install WooCommerce plugin from WordPress repository  in your pre installed WordPress. To do this, go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to Plugins -> Add New. Next, search forWooCommerce plugin and when found, simply click the ‘Install Now’ option. Once the installation is completed, activate the plugin by clicking on the Activate link.

online shop with woocommerce



After  activation , the WooCommerce Settings page will be displayed at the top of the dashboard that looks like a notification. This notification will require you to install pages.


Click on the Install WooCommerce Pages button to create the necessary pages for the online shop, to complete the WooCommerce plugin installation.

Configuring WooCommerce Plugin

Now let’s configure WooCommerce plugin. You will able to see a WooCommerce tab in menu section, Click on it .WooCommerce plugin comes with a variety of settings for an specific part of your online shop.

Now click on the setting section under the Woocommerce tab. Here you will find many tabs, we will discuss all these tabs one by one.

1. General Settings

online shop with woocommerce

At first we talk about  General tab  here you we will be able to set many options like:

  • Base Location
  • Selling Location(s)
  • Currency Options
  • Styles and Scripts

2. Product Settings

online shop with woocommerce - products settings smallenvelop

This section allows you to configure the way your products are displayed in your store. You can configure particulars like:

  • Product Listings
  • Product Data
  • Product Image Sizes
  • Product Ratings
  • Products Download Methods

3.Tax Settings

online shop with woocommerce tax setting

In  this tab, you can configure the tax options for your online store, By default tax settings are disabled. After enabling this you can configure the following fields.

  • How to calculate tax
  • Additional Tax
  • Display tax totals

4.Checkout Settings


For this tab, you can customize many checkout option:

  • Checkout Process
  • Set Checkout Pages
  • Checkout Endpoints
  • Set Payment Gateways

5. Shipping Settings


The Shipping tab provides you options to set up several shipping options available to your customers. This includes the following options:

  • Shipping Calculations
  • Shipping Display mode
  • Shipping Destination
  • Shipping Methods

6. Account Settings


These pages need to be set so that WooCommerce knows where to send users to access account related functionality.

7. Email Settings


In this tab you configure the email options and email templates used when having transactions with your customers.

Coupon Setting

coupon smallenvelop

You can also add coupon codes or discount codes for a particular product. To view, add, update or delete all coupons, go to WooCommerce admin menu ->Coupons.

Adding, Updating and Deleting Products


Product tab is also found in menu section below the WooCommerce tab. Here you can add products. After successfully adding product you can update and delete any product anytime.

Now its all done! Your online store is ready to use.

I hope this tutorial helps you for building your online store. For any query please feel free to comment.


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