How To Create A Quiz With WordPress

Isn’t it a cool idea to make your own Quiz websites as it’s a good idea to interact users on your website?

Every time we hear the name ‘Quiz’ we notice a realistic image of test series or some boring questions in front of our eyes. But all quizzes are not the same, some quizzes are very interesting and funny. You can also make a lot of funny quizzes to your website and increase user engagement.

People think that creating a quiz website is a very tough task. But believe me,it is much easier with WordPress.  This tutorial will help you create your own Quiz website easily. You can create a powerful & impressing quiz with WordPress within a few minutes.

Let’s start and create a Quiz with WordPress

First requirement:

Your first requirement to make a quiz with WordPress is absolutely installing WordPress on a hosting account with your domain name. Here’s my guide to setting up WordPress step by step on a hosting account if you don’t have it already.

We highly recommend that you use BlueHost because Bluehost is also an officially recommended hosting provider of WordPress. You can also check other hosting providers here.

Second Requirement:

After the installing WordPress, you required a beautiful WordPress theme( Free or premium ) that totally depends on your choice.

You can also check out our newest released WordPress Theme “Bharat” (a free theme with pro theme features) to make your own Quiz websites in WordPress.

Third Requirement:

The third and the last requirement for making a quiz with WordPress is a quiz plugin. There are many good Quiz WordPress plugins in the WordPress repository. I have also written a post about Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in which you can find some of the best WordPress Quiz plugins at one place .

In this tutorial, we are going to use Wp-Pro-Quiz Free WordPress Plugin for Quiz. This is the best free WordPress quiz plugin for your quiz website.

Let’s start the process

Step 1. Now we step forward to install & activate the quiz creator plugin called Wp-Pro-Quiz Free WordPress Plugin for Quiz. It’s a free WordPress plugin, so you can download it from WordPress repository or directly install from the dashboard.

Step 2. After successful activation, you will find WP-pro-quiz menu option in your WordPress dashboard. Here you will find the options like WP-pro-quiz, global settings, and support.

In global settings, you will be able to set the leadership time format and also manage the quiz categories and templates.

Step 3. Go ahead with the  WP-pro-quiz option, here you will find two options one for adding a quiz and another for importing a quiz.

So let’s start with “Adding a quiz”.


Here you will find many options for your quiz. After declaring a quiz title and category you will see “options” tab. You can customize you quiz’s main setting here like hiding or show quiz title to users, hide or show ‘Restart Quiz Button’, display questions/answers randomly.

You can show the statics, set the time limit for questions and also limit the quiz for the user that means if a user can complete the quiz  once then that quiz is blocked for that user.

You can autostart the quiz after the page loading and can enable the option for allowing only registered users to start the quiz.

1.)  After setting the main quiz options, you will find “Questions – Options” tab. Here you can set question-related options like you want to show points or not, hide correct- and incorrect message and hide/unhide the color highlighted as correct or incorrect.

You can force users to answer each question.

2.) In this Result- Options tab you will find many options for displaying user’s result.  You can show average points and hide/display quiz time for finishing the quiz.

3.) In this tab, you can select your quiz displaying mode. You have 4 choices

  1. Normal : Displays all questions sequentially, “right” or “false” will be displayed at the end of the quiz.
  2. Normal + Back-Button : Allows to use the back button in a question.
  3. Check -> continue : Shows “right or wrong” after each question.
  4. Questions below each other : If this option is activated, all answers are displayed below each other, i.e. all questions are on a single page.

4.) This step is optional. Here you can activate the leaderboard, that allows users to enter results on a public list and to share the result this way.

5.) You can activate and create custom fields, e.g. to request the name or the e-mail address or other information of the users.

6.) In this option, you can enable the admin email setting. Admin will be informed if a user completes this quiz.

7.) After the activation of user email notifications, an email is sent with his quiz result to the user.

8.) Quiz description is a required field, you have to write a quiz description here which will be displayed before the start of the quiz.

9.) Result text is optional but you can use this option creatively to say something to your users.  You can also use custom field’s variable here. This text will be displayed at the end of the quiz (in results).

10.) Save your settings and tap you back because you have done almost your 50% work here.

Step 4. After saving all these settings now once again go to  WP-pro-quiz option. This time, you will find your previously created quiz here. So hover on your quiz, will show “Questions” link, just click on it.


Click on “Add Question” button and start to add questions.


Step 5. In this step, we will set up some options about a question.

1.) Add a title which is used for an overview, it is not visible in the quiz. If you leave the title field empty, a title will be generated automatically.

2.) Add points for a question. You can check the option for different points for each answer.

3.) You can add a category here.

4.) Add your question here.

5.) Add a correct message here which will be visible if answered correctly.

6.) Add an incorrect message here which will be visible if answered incorrectly.

7.) Here you can enter solution hints.

8.) You can choose answer type Single choice, multiple choice or free choice.

9.) Add your options for answers and check the correct one.

Save the work. You have to repeat this process for all your questions.

Step 6. You are on the final step, Just go to WP-pro-quiz option, go to your quiz and copy the shortcode.


Step 7. Paste this shortcode in a page where you want to show your quiz.

Cheers!!! You have done 🙂

I would love to hear your awesome response in commenting section. Please ket me know if there is any way I can help you.

6 thoughts on “How To Create A Quiz With WordPress”

  1. Hi! Thank you for this guide. Easy to understand and implement,

    Is there a way to generate results in an excel file?

    Thank you!

  2. Hello Poonam,

    I want to show question category wise means same category question under one tab and other category question under another tab like IBPS exam.
    Can we do this?


    • Hello Govind,
      This task requires some additional work. If you are a developer you can do this by yourself or hire someone to do this for you.


  3. Hi, I really like your posts and the content you write and from this post. Read your blog, I have learned lots of things about WordPress. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  4. 1. How to add a quiz in different categories. Here is an option to add a quiz only in one category only?
    2. How to generate analytics of particular users in different charts?
    3. How to activate a negative marking scheme in this quiz?
    Please help me with this regard. Thank you in advance


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