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We all love WordPress, but in most cases it is recommanded to hide the fact that we are using a blogging platform WordPress for our entire site. Because in our WordPress based website we use many plugins. With the time there are many security bugs found in plugins, themes and WordPress itself and it is not possible to update these things everyday.

Hide My WP is a plugin that hide the fact that our website is powered by WordPress. It not only boosts our security but it also allow us to have more beautiful URLs and permalinks.

Let us take a look at how Hide My WP can protect our website from malicious attacks.

Get this plugin here  Hide My WP

Start Setting

After successfully activation of this plugin you may find a Hide My WP  option under the Settings.

Here you find many option. At first you need to Enter your Purchase Code to make sure everything work as expected. Here you can import pre-made setting schemes. You can choose from medium privacy (more compatibility), medium privacy (quick), and high privacy (less compatibility). Choosing one of these setting schemes will add the data to the import box and change the way the plugin is set up. This is a fantastic feature that will save you a lot of time setting up the plugin.


General Setting

A number of settings are available at the top of the general settings page like Choose trusted user roles, Hide Login Page, Hide Admin, Spy Notify, Customized htaccess. Here you can remove Feed Meta, Hide Admin Bar, remove Default Tagline,  Remove  WordPress Version Number and many more other options.

The plugin has some additional features such as minification and an option to replace words and URL’s from your outputted HTML file.


Permalink & URL Setting

In this section you can add New theme path, New style name, Minify style, New wp-includes path, New plugin path, Rename Plugins.The base and query part of your URLs for author and feed pages can also be modified. Alternatively, you can completely disable them from public view.



The same modifications can be applied to posts, pages, categories and tags. This helps make it even more difficult for software to detect that your website is powered by WordPress. Search can also be modified or disabled. Other options include the ability to disable archives and custom post types.




Hide My WP allows you to totally change the structure of your WordPress, Themes and plugin’s file. It make difficult for hackers to find out that your website powered by WordPress.


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