Connect Google Drive to WordPress Media Library

Google drive is one of the most usable cloud storage services that allows you to store your data online. Google drive offers 15GB of free cloud storage to all google account users.

Here we talk about is it possible to connect google drive with WordPress. Of course, it’s possible. In this article, we will learn to connect  google drive to WordPress media library.

There are two phases to achieve this task, At first, you need to configure your google drive account and after that set up your WordPress plugin.

1. Configure Your Google Drive Account

At first, you need to login to your google drive account & create a new folder.

google drive new folder

Right click on that folder and  click on share and on the share popup screen click on the Change link next to Private – Only you can access.



On the next popup, you need to select Public on the web option and click the save button.

share on web

Your Google Drive folder is now publicly viewable. You need to copy the folder ID from the link to share, you will need this ID later.



2.Set Up The Plugin

In the next step, you need to install and activate the Google Drive Media Library plugin. Upon activation, visit Media » Google Drive Media Library to configure the plugin.

On the plugin’s settings page, you need to click on the Mapping Folder tab and paste the folder ID you copied earlier. Click the save button and the plugin will attempt to locate your Google Drive folder.


To load those files into WordPress media library, you need to go to Media » Google Drive Media Library and click on File Mapping tab. Enter the name of the file you want to map.


After you have saved the file, the plugin will start displaying that file in your WordPress media library. You can edit the media, and insert it into your WordPress posts and pages.


We hope this article helped you connect Google Drive to your WordPress media library. For any further query please feel free to ask.

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