6 Best Email List Cleaning Services (Paid & Free) in 2020

In today’s age where everything is digital, there is a need for services which protects us from the negative effects of the digital world. Email cleaning services help you in your email marketing campaign. So, what exactly are email cleaning services? The email cleaning services help check your email list and get rid of the bad, invalid or fake email addresses. They also help to protect your domain and save your email from getting blacklisted. Many companies offer email cleaning services.

Here is a list of the best 6 email cleaning services.

6 Best Email List Cleaning Services

1. Bouncer – Best Email List Cleaner

Bouncer is one of the youngest names in the industry of email cleaning services. They offer the cleaning service of the bulk list with an accuracy of 99.5+%. Moreover, it also helps in improve the email deliverability rate and boost your engagement with the audience. One of the best things about Bouncer is that they provided 1000 free credits to their users as well as offers affordable pricing plans to the users.


  • It not only verifies about the authenticity of the domain but also checks whether you could send mails to it or not.
  • Bouncer verifies the email addresses with the help of the API system.
  • It even checks the format and syntax of the email addresses in the list.
  • It automatically checks for any errors in the email address and rectifies any error such as extra space, etc.
  • Moreover, the software also detects role-based emails and disposable addresses in the list and eliminates them.


It offers ‘Pay As You Go’ model and the pricing ranges from $2.50 for 1000 email credits to $1875 for 25,00,000 email credits.


  • Bouncer offers 1000 free credits for email verifications, which will never expire.
  • It has powerful robust API for real-time and batch Email verification.
  • It has a customized B2B cloud platform ensures good cleaning services that too at a fast rate.
  • The API response time is very fast.
  • Bouncer claims that, they provides 99.5%+ accurate results.

2. DeBounce – Best Email List Cleaning Service

DeBounce is a fast, accurate, and affordable email validation service. It helps businesses to get rid of invalid email addresses from their databases. If you use popular ESPs to send emails, DeBounce can easily integrate with them and transfer your lists for validation. DeBounce has more than 850 positive reviews which show the customers are satisfied and the team really cares about each customer.

Besides the paid services, DeBounce offers some free services. It offers a life-time free disposable email detection API that helps you combat fake and temporary signups.


  • Bulk Email Validation
  • Email Validation API
  • List Monitoring
  • Lead Finder
  • Data Enrichment
  • WordPress Email Validation
  • JavaScript Email Validation Widget for Forms


It offers a price range of $0.002 to $0.0003 per email depending on the number of emails from 5,000 to 5,000,000.


  • Anti-greylisting technology
  • Quick response from customer care.
  • It is affordable.
  • Exceptional user interface.
  • Deliverability guarantee of 97.5%
  • Validation of hard to validate emails such as T-online, GMX, ABV, Mail.ru, and more.
  • Useful tools such as data enrichment and lead finder.


DeBounce offers only 100 free/trial credits.

3. ListWise – Email Address List Cleaner

ListWise has a reputation as the most accurate email list cleaning tool available in the market. The product was first launched a decade ago, so was one of the first email list cleaning services available. Since then, ListWise has been constantly modified to adapt to changes made by the various email service providers.  

ListWise’s approach to email list cleaning is quite unique. ListWise first checks the email provider MX records, to make sure it is a valid mail server. Then ListWise does a real-time SMTP handshake with the email provider to check the validity of each individual email address. If the email address exists, it is marked as clean.


  • It separates your lists into the various categories. Such as, ‘clean’, ‘duplicates’ and ‘bounces’. These can then be downloaded in separate or combined CSV files. 
  • ListWise identifies both no-reply and potential spam-trap email addresses and removes them. 
  • It intuitively fixes obvious typos. For example, if the email address is not in the correct email format.
  • There is API integration for developers.
  • Using ListWise to clean your email lists, before sending your email marketing campaigns, can help your email reach your recipients’ INBOX folder. This can also prevent your IPs being blocked or your email sending server being blacklisted. 


ListWise offers a range of prices for email list cleaning. From 10,000 email addresses for $45, to 25 million email addresses for $15,995. There are also monthly plans.


  • ListWise specializes in high-volume email list cleaning, which is handy if you are a high-volume email marketer. 
  • ListWise can clean every email address, regardless of the email service provider. 
  • The company that owns ListWise, CyberCom, is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) compliant and as such, has very strict internal controls on how data is handled in their applications and servers. This adds confidence that your data is secure.


  • While ListWise may be the most accurate, it is not the fastest email list cleaning tool available the market.
  • Their pricing is mid-tier, so there are cheaper alternatives available.

4. Zerobounce – Best Email List Cleaning Software

Zerobounce is a quality email validation service. It is associated with the newsletter campaign of Fortune 500 brands. It offers services like detecting spam trap, email abuse, attaching data with email detection of an email bounce, and advanced protection.

Zerobounce AI rates the quality of emails and gives scores to them. It uses anti-greylisting technology which uses deliberate pauses to prevent spam.


  • It uses algorithms to identify catch-all domains.
  • It helps to detect email addresses that can hide validity. 
  • Zerobounce helps to maintain your email list’s hygiene by excluding complainers. 
  • It attaches the gender of the names in your email list.
  • ZeroBounce allows you to choose the results that you will want to download. 
  • It checks for spam traps. It helps to identify email addresses which are not meant for sending marketing emails because they have a different role.


It offers a range of  prices from 1,00,000 mails for $400 to 10,00,000 for $1590.


  •  It attaches basic information like name, gender, location, when available to it.
  • ZeroBounce removes any duplicate emails.
  •  It can add details regarding the IP address.
  •  It offers advanced data protection through its military-grade encryption ciphers.


  •  The small plans are a bit expensive.

5. XVerify – Best Email Scrubbing Service

XVerify is probably the best in the field of email verification. It is a leading name in the list of email cleaning services. It checks the email addresses before you send an email to them. XVerify validates and verifies emails, maintains the authenticity of your mailing list, thus assisting in your email marketing. It’s unique ‘Send Shield Technology’  helps to check every email address to confirm that the user name is registered at the domain. It also checks emails through the built-in fraud protection feature.


  • XVerify will deal with all possible threats to your email marketing simultaneously like high-risk emails, emails linked to online frauds, disposable emails, hard bounces, etc.
  • The interface allows reporting and analyzes the detailed report.
  • It has ESP integration.
  • XVerify allows batch processing.
  • It offers 98% accuracy which is the highest in the market.
  • It has a built-in auto-correction which automatically informs about any typos.


The pricing ranges from around half a cent for 50,000 verifications to one-tenth of a cent for large numbers.


  • XVerify immediately identifies the email accounts that are not secure.
  • It enables javascript plugin and API which gives more flexibility.
  • XVerify is fast and accurate email list cleaner service.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is compulsory to provide your credit card details while signing up at XVerify.

6. NeverBounce – Best Email Validation Service

NeverBounce provides email validation services and email list verification. It also has integration with various email platforms which saves time.


  • Neverbounce uses a more than 20 step process to validate emails
  •  It does real-time verification.
  • It removes duplicate emails and informs about typos.
  • NeverBounce helps to maintain the health of your email list by detecting high-risk emails and checking domains.
  •  It identifies the user through advanced mail server verification process.
  •  NeverBounce offers a free analysis of email list and 1000 free verifications every month. It even offers a free test for new users.


It offers a price range of $0.008 to $0.003 per email depending on the number of emails from 10,000 to 10,00,000. For more than 10,00,000 emails it offers enterprise packages.


  • Neverbounce is very fast. The company claims that it can validate 10,000 emails in 3 minutes
  •  Promises refund if the email bounce more than 3%
  •  It is in integration with a various email marketing platform.
  • NeverBounce claims 99% accuracy.
  •  It is user-friendly and is reasonably priced.


  • They don’t have PayPal as a payment option.

7. Mailboxvalidator – Email List Cleaning Service

Mailboxvalidator is a quite popular email cleaning service. It checks emails for syntax, duplicate emails, record, greylisting, etc. It is API secured.


  • Mailboxvalidator is a fully automated email cleaning service.
  •   It has a built-in system to detect fraud and temporary emails.
  • They prepare a comprehensive report on emails and domains.


They offer two different types of plans. One is a bulk plan for email marketers and merchants. The other is the API plan for system integrators and developers. The price ranges from $29.95 to $ 339.95 per month for API plans and $19.95 to $699.95 for a 30-day validity.


  • Mailboxvalidator offers free trials for new users.
  • It is 96% accurate
  •   It helps to maintain your email hygiene.


  • Mailboxvalidator needs to be more user-friendly.
  • It marks Hotmail accounts as invalid.

8. Emaillistverify

Emaillistverify is a cloud-based email cleaning service. It is a tool which helps to improve the hygiene of your email list by removing all false and unnecessary email addresses from the list.


  • Emaillistverify is integrated with some email platforms.
  • It helps to build your market reputation by increasing deliverability.
  • Also, It checks for spam traps and catch-all domains.
  •  It gets rid of trash and duplicate emails.


Firstly, it offers a free verification for 1000 emails. The prices range from 1000 email at 0.0040 per email to 10 million emails at 0.0003 per email.


  • Emaillistverify offers 1000 email verifications for free.
  •  Quick response from customer care.
  • It is not expensive.
  •  Good user interface.
  • It has good flexibility in output.


  • Emaillistverify does not always get rid of all ‘catch-all’ emails.
  • They do not have the feature of ‘free duplicate email removal.‘


So, now you know about the list of email cleaning services. These services help you in internet marketing in various ways and are an effective tool for promotion through emails. Each one of the 6 services has its advantage based on efficiency, price, and packages they offer. You could choose the email cleaning services most suitable for you.

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