20 Top Resources for Developers to Make Money with WordPress

No one will argue the fact that WordPress has gained the position of the top open-source CMS in the world. Brands, sole entrepreneurs, and just creative personalities seeking for the ways to introduce the wide online community to their projects give preference to this CMS as a rock-solid starting point of their blogs, business sites, and even eCommerce projects. With a growing popularity of WordPress, more and more web designers and developers start making living while developing virtual products compatible with the CMS. These include themes, plugins, extensions, and a whole lot of other tools.

In this post, we have gathered together 20 online resources of different kinds, which will be of use to everyone working with WordPress and looking for new opportunities of personal growth. So, let’s get started.

This is one of the most popular providers of ready-made website templates. Their gallery of pre-designed WordPress themes counts more than 1,000 designs suited for multiple purposes. WordPress themes are known as the quickest and most effective way of building a blog or a website with minimum investment and in the shortest period of time.

One of the latest innovations that the company added to their WordPress themes is the availability of GPL license. Due to this, you pay for a chosen design just once, but get the freedom of its modification and installation on as many web projects as you wish. Moreover, the themes come integrated with premium plugins that are available for free use, custom modules, layouts, UI kits, and a whole lot of other smart features. The majority of their WordPress themes run on the latest versions of Cherry Framework and come pre-loaded with drag-and-drop page builders.


ultimatum themes
This is a smart drag-and-drop WordPress page builder. In addition to the standard page layout editing toolkit, it features a selection of premium plugins, 1-click updates, advanced Bootstrap functionality, as well as the possibility to tweak CSS code. In such a way, Ultimatum boasts every piece of functionality that can be managed by WordPress beginners, designers, and experienced developers.

Theme Check
This is a plugin, which allows WordPress developers check how well a selected WordPress theme performs online. With its help, you can run automated testing tools similar to those that WordPress.org uses for theme submissions. All tests are run within a simple and intuitive admin panel. The results are displayed as soon as the test is over. The tool will come in handy to WordPress developers and everyone else who wants to make sure that their themes are compliant with the latest WordPress standards.

User Switching
This is a handy plugin, which will be of great use to everyone working with several WordPress accounts. With its help, you can swap between user accounts with a single click. If you need to log out of the system while testing certain components frequently, this plugin will speed up the workflow significantly.


This is a place where users can find reliable WordPress experts who can take hold of their tasks, customize templates, tweak the look and feel of websites, extend their functionality with plugins, etc. If you can handle all of these tasks and even more, you can send a request to Codeable to add you/your agency to the recommended experts team.

WPMU Job Board

Attaining a WPMU Job Board membership means that you will be added to the pro experts team. Your profile will be accessible to all clients who need to get any kind of WordPress customization tasks accomplished. You will also have access to the regularly updated list of jobs submitted by clients. Detailed descriptions of the job requirements, terms and budget are mentioned in every issue. So, being a pro expert you can pick any request that comes to your liking and get straight to the job.


This is another WordPress job board, where clients post their projects. You can look through the entire list of the available opportunities and pick the ones in which you specialize. You can also run your own profile page, which will be accessible to all clients to reach the job board.

Web Studios Catalogue

This is a credible place where users can find a freelancer or web design studio working with WordPress or any different CMS. Everyone who is mentioned on the chart should pass a TemplateMonster quiz, upon a successful completion of which WordPress web developers confirm their high level of expertise of working with ready-made designs. Every freelancer and web design studio will get their own rank on the chart (based on the number of theme-based projects launched), as well as a personal profile page with explicit details of working experience, latest projects showcase, contact details, etc.

Being listed on the Web Studios Catalogue automatically grows your chances to reach a wider audience and become more recognizable on the web.


It’s always a good habit to learn from the industry leaders. WPRecipes is a place where experts share their hacks of working with WordPress more productively. This is a place where you can find a handful of useful recommendations on how to organize your workflow effectively, how to use snippets to your benefit, how to work with different elements of WordPress CMS, and so much more.

WP Snippets

If you need a vaster collection of WordPress snippets, you will enjoy this resource. This is a place where you can find a WordPress snippet for any purpose imaginable. There is a really long list of all snippets added to the page, which can be filtered by the admin area, post, image, social, custom fields, and other options.

CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks

Here you can learn how to manage WordPress code to display different design and functional elements of your WordPress project on a web page. This is a place where you will master CSS skills of working with both written and visual content, display tag clouds and social media options, add/remove/edit different post types, manage the location of the design elements, and so much more.

Code Poet

code poet

This is a cool educational resource for everyone who is eager to deepen knowledge about WordPress. Articles, books, interviews, and other useful educational resources are all at your disposal. What’s more, you are welcome to complete a series of WordPress quizzes in order to check your knowledge and skills, and find out where you rank.

Mojo Themes Marketplace

Mojo marketplace

This is an online marketplace that will be of special use to those WordPress experts who develop their own themes and search for the way to sell them to the wide Internet community. The marketplace is not all about WordPress. Joomla, HTML5, Tumblr, eCommerce, and other types of templates can be also submitted here. Although the marketplace is not too big, it still boasts its own community of loyal fans who do not miss a chance to put their hands on fresh deals.

Creative Market

Creative themes

This is a marketplace where you can submit your WordPress themes, as well as graphic designs. Creative Market has a really vast audience of both creative designers and expert developers who are eager to share their talent with the web users. A handful of creative photos, fonts, graphics, 3D artworks, etc. can be also accessed over here.

Design, Develop and Sell WordPress Themes

The title speaks for itself. This is a paid Udemy course, which will teach you how to sell your projects like a pro. The entire course is made up of separate lectures telling how to work with WordPress, build layouts of WordPress themes, develop a basic control panel, build a premium WordPress template, and finally sell it to the target audience.

We guess that you will be interested in more educational WordPress resources. We have hand-picked 5 of the most preferred ones from our personal collection. Take a look at the things they offer, enjoy the read, and make your WordPress-based projects way more professional.

  • WordPress.org theme guide. We bet you want to create themes of the highest quality. Your themes should be also compliant with the latest official requirements of the CMS that powers your works. So, you will need to follow WordPress.org guidelines.
  • On Tom Mcfarlin blog, you will find invaluable pieces of advice from  a self-employed WordPress developer who shares his own experience of working with the CMS< as well as guides and tutorials for pro WordPress developers.
  • WordPress Codex contains every single piece of data related to developing a WordPress theme. This is must-have resource for all web developers searching for the first-person information about all WordPress standards.
  • As the name implies, WPBeginner will be especially useful to those people who are taking their first steps in the development of WordPress sites. This is a place where you can find loads of helpful WordPress tutorials that will help you become a successful, professional web developer.
  • As you subscribe to wpMail, you will receive a free newsletter once a week, covering all the latest news and innovations in WordPress industry.

These are 20 of the most helpful web resources and tools that should help both beginner WordPress developers and experts achieve the desired success in the industry. With their help, you can not only master new skills but also reach new clients, thus boosting your income. Do you know other helpful resources for WordPress developers that should be mentioned on the list? Let us know. Share your reflections in a comment below.

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