Best WordPress CTA Plugins You Should Check Out

A call to action, or CTA for short, refers to a practice where the audience is given an instruction intended to provoke a response immediately. CTA plugins are an excellent addition to your WordPress blog or website, as they allow you to tailor specific call to action in order to build you mailing list, increase your presence on the social media or convert visitors into paying customers. These include smart, timed and exit pop-ups, as well as content access and email opt-ins you should definitely check out and start using on your WordPress website.

List of Best WordPress CTA Plugins

Best WordPress CTA Plugins

1. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons is a plugin which allows you to share your content on more than 30 different social media platforms. It features 22 templates, 18 buttons for automated display, 12 native buttons for liking, following and subscribing and 7 shortcodes you can use to further increase its efficiency. Easy Social Share Buttons plugin can easily be integrated with more than one e-commerce plugin. For $19 you get access to 8 premium modules, such as share analytics and specific after-share actions.

2. Foobar

Foobar is a plugin used to add amazing and fully customizable notification bars to WordPress blogs and websites. What makes them so useful is the fact that different notifications can be displayed on different web pages, with the added benefit of defining a default notification bar which will be displayed on every page. It features custom shortcode and HTML integrations, RSS and Twitter feeds, unlimited number of Foobars, social media integration, etc. The current price for this plugin is just $9.

3. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is a handy plugin which allows users to create completely customized alert and notification bar used for various alerts and marketing promotions. Another benefit that comes from using this plugin is the ability to increase the click through rates leading towards other pages on your WordPress blog or website. The interface is lightweight and pretty easy-to-use and far more importantly, it’s responsive. Users can change colors, fonts and font sizes, set the position to be fixed or absolute, show various parts of the website such as home page, specific pages and posts or only be visible for Google or Facebook visitors, completely for free.

4. PopupAlly

PopupAlly is an excellent plugin for creating signup forms without having to use a single line of code. The signup forms can be customized to show after a set number of seconds or just before someone leaves your website. You can create bellow the post, horizontal, sidebar opt-ins, and more. Users have a complete control over the position and layout of opt-ins, which can be embedded in the header, footer, sidebar or anywhere else on the page. It comes in two packages: Basic, which is completely free and Premium, which can be purchased for $97.

5. Opt-In Content Locker

As the name implies, Opt-In Content Locker is a plugin which is used to lock the content on your website and only display it to those who have subscribed. The visitor needs to submit a name and an email address in order to view the content. Once the information is submitted, it gets saved by the plugin and the locked content becomes fully visible for the visitor. It can easily be integrated with AWeber, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, and MyMail. All these features are available for a small price of $15.

6. WordPress Calls to Action

This is a rather sophisticated plugin when compared to other. That said, WordPress Calls to Action allows you to track and monitor conversion rates, run multivariate and A/B split tests on various calls to action you might be using. Users gave the ability to create a specific popup or use their prearranged widget to strategically place your call to action on the sidebar. This is a completely free plugin which offers a number of different templates, as well as integration into the most commonly used email apps.

7. WordPress Popup

WordPress Popup is an extremely useful plugin which allows users to create an unlimited number of popups in order to increase the number of leads and subscribers. The popups can be conditioned to show only on specific trigger positions inside the post when the user’s scrollbar is near the end of a post or after clicking on an image or a link. These popups can further be associated with particular categories, pages, posts, etc. With the free version, you only get MailChimp integration, while the premium costs $27 and allows you to integrate AWeber and Campaign Monitor.

These are just some of the various call-to-action plugins currently available for WordPress. Most of them are free, while other require purchasing a monthly or a yearly premium. Which one will you choose depends mostly on the type of action you would like to incorporate into your website, as well the budget you have available. Just because some plugin is paid for doesn’t mean that there isn’t a free version capable of doing the exact same thing, so make sure to do your research properly before actually investing any of your funds. 

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