How To Remove WordPress Dashboard Access

There are numerous reasons you would need to hide administrator dashboard access in WordPress.

Perhaps you need just a certain group of individuals in your group to have full access to everything your community brings to the table.
Might it be able to be that you don’t need your customer to upset certain things?

Regardless of the reason, here are 5 plugins you can use to restrain access to the dashboard in WordPress:

Learn How to remove WordPress dashboard access from subscribers

Remove Dashboard Access Free WordPress Plugin

If you want to remove WordPress dashboard access from your subscribers or users then there is a great plugin in WordPress repository that will help you, named Remove Dashboard Access.

remove WordPress dashboard access

To use this plugin you can simply install and activate. After successful activation you can change the setting according to your stipulation.

remove WordPress dashboard access

  • You can Limit Dashboard access to Administrators only, or limit by specific capability.
  • You can allow or disallow user to accessing user profile.
  • You can set the redirection page for the users who lack the selected role or capability.

Dashboard Commander Free WordPress Plugin

This plugin is based upon Dave Kinkead’s Dashboard Heaven plugin and extends it to support dynamically registered widgets, for example, dashboard widgets that are included by a plugin.

After installation access to all dashboard widgets is uprooted, then you can go to Settings > Dashboard Commander to configure the minimum access level for each widget.

Advance Access Manager Free WordPress Plugin

Easy to use and powerful tool to enhance security and characterize access to your posts, pages and backend zones for single weblog or multi site network.

Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) is known to be one of the very best
access control security upgrade tool available for WordPress. An effective yet simple to-utilize plugin, AAM provides you adaptable and adjustable control over your single site or multisite network.

With AAM, you can control access to different areas of your site, including posts, pages, categories, widgets, or menus. The access you set can be characterized and customized for for any user, role, or visitor.

The following list contains features that have been implemented and demonstrated in the current version of AAM:

  • Secure Admin Login
  • Control Access to Posts, Pages or Categories
  • Control Access to Media Files
  • Oversee Roles and Capabilities
  • Track User Activity
  • Channel Backend Menu
  • Channel Metaboxes and Widgets
  • The AAM has multi-language UI: English, German, Spanish, Shine, French, Russian, Persian, Norwegian

Hope this article may help you creating a great user experience to your visitors and subscribers.

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