Create An eBay Style Auction Website With WordPress

eBay is the World’s best Online Marketplace for auction & finding a bargain. eBay offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day.

Making an auction website like ebay is a tough task as it involves huge coding and large investment of money. But with WordPress its very easy to setup a site like ebay.

Let’s start creating an eBay style auction website

Ultimate Auction Plugin is a  most popular and best-supported, free WordPress Auction plugin in WordPress repository. This plugin also comes with pro features. For our purposes, we’ll only use the standard edition of the plugin that can be downloaded for free.

After successful activation of plugin, you will found an ‘Ultimate Auction’ menu tab in the WordPress admin panel, click on it. The initial page in the plugin settings allows you to manage various payment options. This includes the currency used by your website, whether you use PayPal, Wire Transfers or Checks sent to a mailing address as payment options.

eBay style auction website

This settings page also allow you to setup an email address for the plugin to notify when there are bids placed on any auction item. You can set your local time zone as well as decide whether to display the plugin attribution on you auction list or not. You can also set auction page url and Login & Register page url.

eBay style auction website

Now go to the ‘Add Auction’ tab and add auctions , here you can set Product Title , Product Description, Product Image as well as auction’s Incremental ValueEnding Date, Lowest Price to Accept, & Opening Price.

Now you will need somewhere to display all of the auctions on your site as they are created. To display a list of your live auctions you simply create a new page and add the following simple short code to it.


Now all the auctions will display on this page.You can manage your auctions from manage auctions tab.

All done, your online auction site is ready to use . Start selling on your ebay style auction website.

If you would like to view the plugin in action demo is here.

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