2017 Tips: Online Marketing Strategies for WordPress Users

Creating just a WordPress site isn’t enough when it comes to making the presence of your business felt in the online world. What you need are some super-effective marketing strategies through which you can get the maximum attention of the audiences.

With the beginning of the New Year 2017, you need to make it a point to focus on the marketing strategies which can help your WordPress site to reach more people and convert them into customers. Here are the most important and effective marketing strategies online that can help your site in attaining an enhanced level of online visibility.

Online Marketing Strategies for WordPress

Content Marketing

Content marketing is sure to become an even more significant part when it comes to the marketing strategies online for this year. Developing engaging and quality content has become an essential part of any websites that is willing to rank higher than others. WordPress is known for its effective content management skills. Therefore, if you are a WordPress user, then there are different plugins available that can help you to increase the productiveness of your site content such as Hubspot etc.

As content creation tops the list of digital marketing strategies, therefore the content that you create for your site needs to be easy to read, informative, perfectly fitting your brand – in one word the contents must be awesome!

Email Marketing

Believe it or not but email marketing is indeed one of the efficacious marketing strategies for the WordPress users. And with various WordPress email marketing tools available to the WordPress users, such as OptinMonster or Sendit Newsletter, you can use this strategy in a more efficient way. Email marketing is not only cost-effective, but it also is one of the most competent ways for sharing information with both your clients and customers and influencing them for having the desired response through catchy CATs (Call to Actions).  

Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

If you haven’t yet focused on making your site mobile responsive, then it’s high time that you make the transition. With more and more and more internet users using iPhones, tablets, and Smartphones for accessing the online world; turning your site into a mobile responsive website has indeed become one of the necessary marketing strategies.  Whether it’s an online promotion or any work on web development, or content creation, a site’s level of mobile-friendliness is considered as one of the key factors for a better search ranking by Google.

With a considerable change in the search algorithms provided by Google, making your site SEO friendly has become one of the crucial marketing strategies. The perfect amalgamation of search engine optimization and high-quality content have to be there as one of the major marketing strategies of 2017. The era of SEO has not ended; rather it just started afresh with a whole set of different conditions and updates provided by Google. However, as a WordPress site owner, you can surely utilize various WordPress SEO plugins, such as Yoast and Moz, to boost up the SEO rankings of your WordPress site.

Social Media Marketing

Staying active on popular social media networks had become a trend in 2016, and it’s not going to vanish anytime sooner. Yes, social media marketing is here to stay for a while. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, unless until your site has a presence on these social media sites, consider your marketing strategies to be old-fashioned. If you are a WordPress user, then it’s highly advisable that you start constructing social outposts by cultivating the community on the major social networks. The information that you share on social media about your site plays an undeniable role in fetching the attention of more users to your site.

Keep Your Site Updated

To keep up with the competitive market of recent times, building a website isn’t enough anymore. Once your WordPress site is all set up with necessary information, make it a point to update the site regularly. You can consider this technique almost blindly to be one of the effective digital marketing strategies. Do you like to visit a site that still possesses features and functions in an obsolete way? No, right! Then how can you expect others to visit your site if it’s not updated with the latest features! So be smart and keep on following this marketing strategy without fail.

Utilize Visuals for a Better Storytelling

Using visuals to enhance your storytelling is one of the most recent yet very much effective marketing strategies online. Accompanying the content of your site with attention-gripping videos or moving graphics will be even more significant in 2017 than it was in the previous years.  Whether you develop the graphics or animations or videos for your blog, social media or blog, it serves as the same necessary marketing tool in every place, helping you to reach your ultimate business goal of driving more traffic to your site or engaging more viewers. The better you’ll be able to project the value of your service or product through an effective storytelling, the greater will be the number of your valuable customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to a process in which a digital retailer pays an amount to other external sites for the sales it gets due to their referrals. Affiliate marketing technique is one such digital marketing strategy that has been there for a long time but has not become this much important before. It used to be very much effective for the bloggers once, for making on others’ products. But now, in 2017, whether you are a blogger or a site owner, affiliate marketing is here to benefit the both.

To witness a considerable positive change in your online business growth, it’s important that you keep up with the above mentioned latest marketing strategies online. Modern marketing strategies are all about meeting the needs of the customers and keeping them engaged with the applications of the latest technological developments. Unless until as a WordPress user, you won’t apply these new marketing strategies to your site, you won’t be able to achieve your online marketing goals of 2017.


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