Hottest Web Design Trends of 2017 on Demand

We live in a connected world, where we think everything is possible. And we want to accomplish just anything no matter where we are and how important is it. If your online presence plays a serious role in achieving your business strategy, then find this article useful enough to catch the next web design trends you can predict to follow in 2017.

The same goes for companies and business owners who builds several business websites and are on their way to start a new project online. Being a business pro, it’s crucial for you to continue learning and growing. With other words, if you need to build up a good looking and top-notch website appear modern in a year or two, keep on reading this article and try to implement those techniques and strategies described below.

In fact, it’s not so easy to forecast the most attention-grabbing web design trends, still, you can pay your attention to some particular trends, which continue winning the trust among professional designers and developers. The future is here and we need to stay on the cutting-edge of innovations in order to succeed in this virtual online market.

Hottest Web Design Trends

1. Native Mobile Design


Example: INTENSE Real Estate Website Template
As we already know responsive design means adaptability of the content to restructure to the respective digital device of the user. The concept looks forward to begin working with mobile devices first and then only with bigger desktop versions. Besides, Google prefers mobile-friendly pages in search results. Additionally, depending on the age-specific competency of the user, the mobile-friendly interface will be adapted properly to make the navigation menus easier to keep in touch with. Multiple color schemes and font sizes will be changed accordingly, too. Mobile dominance is believed to be a key factor to achieving successful results.

2. Innovative Parallax and Scrolling


Example: Organic – Agriculture Farm Multipurpose Website Template
Parallax scrolling is not a new trend in the web design game. Moreover, it becomes more and more used in order to provide the better storytelling and product presentation. Thanks to its illusion of depth, Parallax allows creating a good user experience.

As to a long scrolling, it has caused a widespread compliance due to its intuitive functionality, easy navigation, captivating transitions, and less worthless clicks to reveal the content.Both Parallax and a long scrolling provide more flexibility in the design and better interaction with each visitor.

3. Focus on Stylized and Flashy Typography


Example: Print Shop Responsive Website Template
Thanks to a handful system of fonts, expressive typography continues to expand and convey to messaging more potential sense than ever before. Taken into consideration the fact that the new fonts are added regularly, it takes the center stage in all its forms. Combining fonts can be done effectively with the attention of a visually dynamic whole. The more proper fonts youchoose, the biggereffect on the perception of a site it ensures. Thanks to a more attractive and various fonts’ choice,it’s possible to sell the design message in a more visually appealing way. Captivating typography is another creative way to experiment with if you prefer to create a fully personal and unique experience.

4. Full-screen Forms and Sign-Ups


Example: Communication MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

As you have already noticed the web is full of sign-ups and various registration forms, which are of vital importance for any website for its effective user management maintenance. They provide a more interactive feedback-based customized connection. All these full-screen forms, sign ups, log in pages in combination with cool animations gain more attention and provide more exciting form filling experience. They engage users to interact with it and what is more, they don’t interrupt you and there’s no need to close them, just scroll them to move on.

5. Card and Container-Style Layouts


Example: Furnicap Website Template
Cards and container-style elements make a lot of sense as a matter of information organization. They provide a functional mobile UI design and create a more seamless user experience. Cards and container-style layouts provide a perfect way to organize and display a big amount of content on a screen in a proper way. It is a super versatile UI works ideally across all digital devices and screen resolutions.

6. Product Explainer Videos


Example: Alleando – Decor Accessories Responsive PrestaShop Theme

The importance of product explainer videos will only increase in the coming years for sure. It offers a quick and short way to represent the advantages of a given product or service. In fact, it provides informative commentary and smart animation effects, which help the visitors know the products power. As long as it used correctly, it gains the attention and enjoys the audience. Videos are getting very popular especially in particular business niches where it’s quite easy to take a video yourself.

7. Vibrant and Bright Colors


Style Park – Beauty WordPress Theme

Vibrant and Bright Colors are widely used in websites of different business niches. If used properly they help to inject energy and dynamism into a business project and make it visually appealing efficiently. Designers are striking to mixing colors and as a result get unexpected color combinations that lie in between.
Inspired by urban architecture, nature, travel, and art, designers create energetic and bright colors to provide emotional direction for the design and increase conversion rates. More and more websites are moving to appear in varying tones of the same color. It became very popular to implement such bright and vibrant colors in weather sites, news portals and corporate sites, etc.

8. Advanced Animation and GIFs


Example: Photographer Portfolio Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template
More and more website owners are moving to use animations, cinemagraphs, and GIFs to enhance websites’ storytelling. If placed properly they provide interactive and engaging user experience. Additionally, they enhance the desired mood of a website and catch the visitors’ attention without distracting from the content. Animations allow displaying transitions, menu graphics, user interactions, some music sliders, calendars, etc.

9. Microinteractions


Example: Sky-High WordPress Theme
Microinteractions surround us everywhere and make us perform tons of single-action tasks every day. Designed in a simple way they provide a quite powerful message. It’s an intuitive way of interaction with any type of website, such as liking photos, tweeting thoughts, pinning posts, etc. They are aimed to simplify our actions and provide the visitors with the power of interaction. There are tons of great examples of microinteractions done effectively, which feature beautiful and satisfying transitional animations. They help to change the way we use our handheld devices for sure.

10. Edgy Art and Customized Images over Text


Example: Fish Responsive WordPress Theme
More and more designers and website developers are trying to get a step closer to originality and extraordinariness. Despite the fact that stock photography and graphics save time and money, are more frequently being replaced by custom illustrations and photos. As a matter of fact, that every business owner is aimed to stand out from competitors, they prefer to make imagery more personalized. Such custom illustrations and imagery allow adding more visual appeal and extraordinary user experience.

All in all, following trends blindly isn’t a good idea at all. It depends on your personal business strategy and goal, which is aimed to fit your project and targeting audience. No need to apply all the above-mentioned web design trends into one web page. It makes no sense, especially when you are trying to convey your exceptional brand and improve ease of use for your audience. Think carefully and don’t turn your website into another website that just looks great.
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