FlexClip Review – An Online Video Editing Tool for Quickly Creating Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Ads

Do you want to make FB, IG, YT advertising videos quickly? FlexClip is a free online video editing tool that provides many refined templates, allowing you to quickly make video material online. You can check the results after making it for free on the website, and then decide if you need to pay to download the HD version.

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We obtained a discount code for our readers from FlexClip. You can get 20% off for any plans you purchase with the code ” Smallenvelop20 ” . More details about their pricing plans, please check it here: https://www.flexclip.com/pricing.html.

Introduction of FlexClip

FlexClip is an online video editing tool and slideshow maker. It is very simple to use but powerful with thousands of templates. I think their targeted users are those who have no many video making skills or those who don’t have time for videos making. Compared with the complicated software like Premiere, many people hope to edit simple videos online quickly.

The main functions of FlexClip:

  1. Web browser based and no need to download any software.
  2. Rich animation elements can be added to the video.
  3. Millions of royalty-free media resources.
  4. Powerful video editing tool for video editing, music trimming, picture adjustment, aspect ratio change, effect filter, voice-over, and watermark adding.
  5. With an online screen recorder built-in.

The above is the official introduction. After I tried it, I would like to describe it as a production tool of short videos, such as advertisements, opening and closing movies, and simple promotional videos.

How to Use FlexClip


Go to the official FlexClip webpage, and click “Make a Free Video”.


Here you can see all kinds of video templates, and you can also start from scratch.


I choose Instagram ads as a demonstration, choose a template you like, and click “Customize”.


After you come in, you will see the editing screen in the figure below, and the function operation is very intuitive.

On the left, you can add material, and on the right, you can browse and modify the content of the video. The lower part can be cropped, and the upper part can save and output the video.


Customize the video as you want.


You can replace the video in the template from storyboard, in which you can search for the video clip you want, or upload video from local PC.


Since it is an online video editing, it is very important to save it regularly. FlexClip has the function of saving, but I am used to saving once after finishing an action. When you click Save, the registration screen will pop up.


Register an account.


After all production is completed, click “Export Video” in the upper right corner.


The free version can output 480P videos. But I believe that no one wants to use this resolution now, so if you like it and want to continue to use it, you can choose 720P or 1080P for a paid output.


I used a paid plan. Detailed price comparison suggestions will be shared later.


After selecting the plan, you need to pay. Again, you can enter the 20% off coupon code ” Smallenvelop20 “.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FlexClip

Next, I will share my views on the advantages and disadvantages of FlexClip.


  • Easy to use 
  • Web based without downloading
  • Multilanguage supported
  • Many templates and elements can be used
  • Cheap


  • Music clips sometimes don’t work well
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to load
  • It cannot make a long video and the maximum is 30 minutes.

FlexClip Pricing Plan

There are 4 plans. I would recommend buying the plus version with a higher CP value, but if there is a demand for more than 10 minutes of video, then buy the business version.

The basic version is only 720 P. I believe that the resolution does not meet user’ requirements, so it is not recommended.

Next, you can buy it for a month first, and then buy a year if there is a lot of demand. 


This article introduces FlexClip. I thinks it is suitable for making short ad videos. If you need this, have a try. I have used many online video editing tools, and FlexClip could be one of the best even though it has some shortages. If you have a better online video editing tool, please leave a message below to share with us.

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