Best Free WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

Are you planning to set up a website for your restaurant business and don’t want to spend money on premium themes and plugins. Here is a solution for your confusion. You can use free WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins and represent your restaurant’s menu to everyone perfectly.

In WordPress repository there are many Restaurant Menu Plugins here we have listed five best free WordPress Restaurant menu plugins. You can choose one of the plugins which fulfill your need the most.

WordPress restaurant menu plugins

Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

1. Food and Drink Menu


Food and drink menu plugin is one of the best solutions for creating a restaurant menu for cafeterias, bars, and outlets.

After the successful activation of this plugin, it creates two new custom post types Menu & Menu item you can easily create unlimited menus and group them into menu sections and build a perfect menu for your restaurant website.

You can create an unlimited menu item and each item provides an option to add a photo and price for that particular item. With each menu, you have the option to add a footer note.

Each menu provides a shortcode so you can easily place it anywhere and display your restaurant menus in posts, pages, and widgets.

In menu setting page you can Choose what style you would like to use for your menu. You can also set the width and height for menu item photo. There is also an option for disabling all pricing options from a menu item.


  • Menu sections can include guidance, such as “All entrees come with a side salad or fries”
  • Use the widget to display your menu in a sidebar
  • Responsive menu layout to improve mobile viewing
  • Easily customizable templates
  • Compatible with WPML for multi-language sites

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2. MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin


Motopress is the most stylish restaurant menu maker plugin with all the major features you need to create menus for restaurants & cafes. With Motopress Restaurant Menu plugin you can not only make unlimited menus and menu items but also add ingredients of each dish and enter the weight, volume, and size of the dish.

Along with the price option, Motopress gives you the facility to add the nutrition facts like calories, cholesterol, fat, carbohydrate and much more.

Apart from the menu making functionality this plugin also provides an additional option for selling food and beverages online by enabling e-Commerce option in the settings and an option for import and export of all the menu items and categories in a handy way.


  • Options for setting currency
  • Import/Export functionality
  • Order settings for menu items
  • Predefined Layouts
  • Detailed description of menu items
  • Handy shortcode settings
  • Labeled menu items
  • Wide variety of icons
  • Widget ready

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3. Quick Restaurant Menu


Quick Restaurant Menu allows you to quickly create menus for eateries, cafes, bars, and restaurants. This plugin creates two new post types – Menus and Menu Items, in which you can easily create and edit menus and group them into sections.

Rearrangement of menus with drag and drop feature provide the ease for you and save your lots of time. One special feature of this plugin is to display different menus for different days and different hours of the day. For instance, someone come to your website in the afternoon, he will see a lunch menu and when other comes at another part of the day then he will see a different menu depending on the time of the day.


  • Add header and footer to each menu.
  • Menu items with picture, description, sizes and prices
  • Responsive menu layout for mobile viewing
  • Variable menu depending on the weekday and the hour
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Insert custom CSS

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4. Restaurant Menu Manager


Restaurant Menu Manager allows you to easily create menu items and group them into categories (item-type) as breakfast, lunch or dinner. With Restaurant Menu Manager you have two ways to manage or display your restaurant’s menu, either you can display your menu in a simple list view or you can display it in a jQuery accordion or jQuery tabs by using shortcodes.


  • Add images or even a full gallery for each of your menu entries.
  • Set a featured image or entry thumbnail.
  • Allow visitors to leave comments on each entry.
  • Translation Ready.

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5. TLP Food Menu


TLP Food Menu plugin is an another good plugin  for restaurant, cafes, bars, coffee house, fast food. You can easily create food item with a name, description, Excerpt (used as a short description), image and price. It’s build with HTML5 and CSS3 so you can customize it easily according to your needs. You can display your restaurant’s menu  in templates, posts, pages, and widgets.

This plugin has separate shortcodes to display all the food items or multiple categories or single category or you can use them in your post or pages to display restaurant’s food menu.


  • Fully Responsive & Mobile friendly
  • Display All Food item, Multiple or Single Category in a Page/ Post
  • Currency select option
  • Custom meta fields
  • Custom CSS option
  • ShortCodes
  • Widget ready
  • Custom Detail Page template

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I hope you found the above list helpful for making a restaurant menu for your website. What plugins are you using? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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